Small Business of the Year
Winner: Ampaire Inc.

Ampaire, headquartered at the Hawthorne Municipal airport, is decarbonizing traditional aviation and is the industry leader in hybrid electric aircraft. Ampaire is currently flying the world’s largest fleet of hybrid planes, have set numerous records in hybrid electric aircraft flight performance, have flown over 18,000 miles hybrid electric, deployed with airlines on multiple continents, and received over 10 FAA airworthiness approvals. They’ve partnered with groups like NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy ARPA-E, and the FAA on the development and commercialization of their groundbreaking technology.

Ampaire‘s upgrades to hybrid electric are more than twice as fuel efficient compared to combustion alternatives, and result in improved economics and environmental impacts that are reinvigorating regional aviation connectivity and accessibility. Their innovations are bringing us ever closer to a zero emissions connected world.

Kevin Noertker is CEO and Co-Founder of Ampaire

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