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2023 Hawthorne Business Expo Seminars

marci klein klein creative media

Marci Klein

Video is a Game Changer

Jupiter Room - 12:00 - 12:50 PM

Presented by: Marci Klein, Klein Creative Media

In this seminar,  “Video is a game changer”, you will learn why video has become such a powerful tool for your marketing arsenal, and why video is a must have for your website and SEO ranking.  

Whether you choose to do a DIY video or hire a professional, you will  learn the pros and cons between each option, to make the best decision for your business.    

Regardless of which route you take, both choices require you start with a script.   I will teach you my proven formatting style that got me through 20 years of script writing for reality television, plus each person attending my seminar will be given my script format template to start writing their next video project.  

You will learn:

daniel gouw edna digital marketing

Daniel Gouw

The 3 Critical Things You Need To Be Aware in Marketing Your Business Online in Your Local Market

Jupiter Room - 1:00 - 1:50 PM

Presented by: Daniel Gouw, EDNA Digital Marketing

Have you tried multiple online marketing methods without success?


In this workshop, you will learn the following 3 critical things in marketing your business online in your local market:


  1. Being found easily online by your ideal customers using Google Business
  2. Understanding buyer decision making with online reviews
  3. Attracting hot leads with the powerful, but not well-known Local Service Ads


If you’re looking for ways to attract more customers, then you don’t want to miss this workshop.

You will learn:

gus papagno

Gus Papagno

Cyber Security Awareness: Are You Protected?

Mars Room - 12:00 - 12:50 PM

Presented by: Gus Papagno, Call-A-Tek LLC

We will be covering basic protection and common misconceptions of protection as well as show samples of attacks and attempts to steal information in plain sight. With ransomware and phishing attempts.
How to evaluate, identify and educate folks on how to protect yourself from constant cyber threats. How protection is more affordable than what people think in comparison to potential loss of data.

We will provide real life examples of attempted attacks as well as costs in damages for businesses that operate unprotected.

You will learn:

paul savage

Paul Savage

How to Evaluate the Performance of Your Business

Mars Room - 1:00 - 1:50 PM

Presented by: Paul Savage, Director of Client Services, ProfitCents

When evaluating the performance of your business, it’s important to understand the economic environment where you’re operating and how your peers performing.   

Businesses use benchmarking data as an important evaluation tool to identify possible gaps and improve performance; understand cost position and identify opportunities for improvement; gain strategic advantage by identifying capabilities and capitalizing on them; and generate new ideas. 

A benchmark analysis allows you to dive into your financial performance and identify opportunities while building on your strengths. 

This seminar will explain how a benchmarking analysis can help your business grow and where to find no-cost assistance. 

You will learn:

Chris Cagle

Increase Your Bottom Line, Using the City of Hawthorne's New Digital Gift Card Program

Pluto Room -12:00 - 12:50 PM

Presented by: Chris Cagle, South Bay Workforce Investment Board

Attend this workshop and discover how your business can profit from this new citywide program that allows you to sell gift cards to the public, which can be used to purchase goods and services at your business. The shop local campaign enables Hawthorne residents to purchase E-gift cards and receive a matching value gift card doubling the value of their purchase. This is made possible through a grant that utilizes American Rescue Plan Act funding designed to support local small businesses and the local economy impacted by the pandemic. 

You will learn:

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