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2020 Hawthorne Business Expo Breakout Sessions

Deborah Deras

Supercharge your Social Media: How to go from Likes to Sales

Polaris - 4:15pm

Presented by: Deborah Deras: El Camino College SBDC

Your business can transform likes to Sales, Shares to Raving Fans, and Comments to Customers.
Social Media Marketing can be overwhelming- from posting to monitoring comments to creating content. As busy small business owners we need to be efficient, lean, and ensure that our efforts lead to profit.
Deborah Deras, Social Media Marketing Trainer, for the El Camino College SBDC, has used her Social Media knowledge to grow her small business and to coach hundreds of small business owners to replicate her techniques to increase revenue in their businesses.
In this workshop, you will learn how to authentically connect and create compelling messaging on Social Media to develop lasting relationships that go beyond transactional customers to create a tribe of devoted followers to grow your business for success with ease and grace.

You will learn:

Jerome Michalczak

Joel Versh

Computer Security & Cyber Liability

Saturn Room - 4:15pm

Computer Security Presented by: Jerome Michalczak: Hawthorne Police Dept.

We will discuss basic computer and physical security measures in order to minimize victimization through theft, improper document destruction and other means of intrusion. Additionally, aspects of personal and vicarious liability will be discussed and presented making attendees aware of the pitfalls associated with a breach in cybersecurity.

You will learn:

Cyber Liability Presented by: Joel Versh: Farmers Insurance

We will be covering the importance of protecting not only your identity but that of your clients. The issues that come from not protecting the data and how Insurance can help. A small data breach can cost you thousands of dollars in remediation between credit monitoring, communicating with your clients and legal fees. In small business your reputation is everything, what would a data breach do to that reputation.

You will learn:

Omari Valentine

Website Essentials for Small Businesses

Pluto Room - 4:15pm

Presented by: Omari Valentine : Off The Lip

This workshop focuses on features any small business website should have to maximize search engine performance and convert visitors into paying customers. We will discuss fitting your website into your wider digital marketing strategy, and how these enhancements can connect you with your target audience.

You will learn:

Chris Cagle

No-Cost Resources for Entrepreneurs

Mars Room - 4:15pm

Presented by: Chris Cagle: South Bay Workforce Investment Board

Learn how you can improve your bottom line with no cost Recruitment Services,
Hiring Support, Subsidized Labor Programs and On-The-Job Training Programs
provided by the South Bay Workforce Investment Board (SBWIB). For more than
35 years, the SBWIB has been matching employers with qualified candidates
in the South Bay region through its four One-Stop Business & Career Centers.
Find out how you can take advantage

You will learn:

Damon Skinner, CPFA

Financing Your Business

Jupiter Room - 4:15pm

Presented by: Damon Skinner, CPFA: Merrill Lynch/Bank of America

As a business owner, you face several competing demands: building your company, rewarding talented employees and designing the continuity of the business. You still have to have a plan for providing for your family, being available for your spouse/children, as well as planning for retirement.

You will learn: